Smart thermostats

get smart and save big

Save up to 26% on your Heating and Cooling Costs!

Smart thermostats are not simply for convenience

Convenience is not why most utility companies are paying you a rebate simply for installing a Smart Thermostat

smart thermostats save money

A smart thermostat is the best way to reduce energy costs without replacing your existing heating and cooling system. Here are 3 of the most popular cost saving features.

Smart Scheduling

Many smart thermostats include a smart schedule feature which is essentially a programmable thermostat on steroids that programs itself.

When enabled, this feature will monitor how you use your home—when people come and go, what temperatures you adjust your home to for comfort, and so on—and begin automatically handling everything for you. 

Occupancy Sensing

Whether your thermostat uses sensors or relies on your phone to tell if you are home or away, take advantage of it. Instead of having to remember to turn the temperature up or down, the system will just auto-magically detect if you are home or not.

So, whether you’re just out all day at the beach or you headed out of town for the weekend and forgot to adjust the thermostat, it’ll take care of it for you.  

Time-of-Use Savings

If your local utility offers off-peak energy usage—and most do, especially in the summer—you can really take advantage of it with a smart thermostat. This feature is often called “time-of-use” as your billing is based on what time of day you use the energy, but may also be called “peak time,” “off-peak use,” or other similar terms.

Many utility companies offer opt-in programs where you can link your thermostat to your utility.  They will cool/heat your home when the energy is cheapest and adjust the thermostat to save energy and money when energy is at peak price.


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