is your air conditioner

blowing money or cold air?

 An AC Tune-Up Can Save You as Much as 15% Monthly on Your Energy Bill

8 Ways an AC Tune-Up Can Benefit You

  • Improve Efficiency and Lower Energy Bills
  • Reduce Breakdowns or Costly Repairs
  • Prolong System Life
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Improve Performance and Comfort
  • Give You Peace of Mind
  • Reduce the Risk of Illness
  • Save Lots of Money

Do you want to keep your AC unit running smooth all year long?

Our technicians are experts at fine tuning HVAC equipment to optimize performance and increase longevity.  Here at Chavez Heating & Air we value our customers, and we know that a true system maintenance involves more that cleaning your evaporator coil and washing down your unit.  While most contractors perform an AC Tune-up in under 30 minutes, our technicians typically take an hour or more. With more than 200 local residents on our maintenance program, we always have room for more.  

So, what exactly will our technician do when performing an AC Tune-up?  Well, it likely is a lot more than you think.  And although it includes removing dust, dirt and grime from your system that is not the half of it. Check out the list below and learn what more we will do to keep your home comfortable and safe all summer long and all the while saving you money.


How does an AC maintenance improve comfort?

An AC unit that is not properly maintained will have difficulty with the primary role of an AC unit and that is to removing heat from your home.  As air passes through the evaporator coil the heat transfer may not take place adequately.  The result is air that is not as cold as it should be.  This may hinder the air conditioning system from reaching the desired temperature in a timely manner.  

A properly tuned AC unit can also help you breathe better!  An air conditioner is also an air filtration system.  However, an AC unit that is not properly serviced can limit air flow.  This can restrict or limit the system’s ability to adequately remove dust, pet dander, allergens and other contaminants.  This can have an adverse effect on your health and trigger symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, coughing, headaches, dizziness and respiratory illnesses.  The elderly and children are prone to long term effects when prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality.


Other things our expert technician will do:

  • Lubricate all Moving Parts
  • Connect Gauges Record Pressures/Temp
  • Measure Super Heat to Fine Tune Refrigerant Level
  • Flush Condensate Drain to Prevent Overflow
  • Clean Outdoor Condenser Coil
  • Check Blower Motor and Belt if Applicable
  • Test Temperature Drop at Return and Supply Air
  • Check That Suction Line is Getting Cold but Not Frosting
  • Check Filter Replace if Necessary
  • Safety Test all Controls for Proper Operation
  • Amperage Readings on all Motors, Test Bearings
  • Inspect Operation and Condition of Compressor Contacts
  • Inspect Capacitor and Relay for Rust and Leaks
  • Clean Thermostat and Confirm Proper Operation
  • Check Outdoor Disconnect
  • Communicate Final Report to Customer

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