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Three Things You Should Know When Buying a New Air Handler

What does it do?

The Air Handler is a major component in your heating and cooling system.  It is responsible for moving air through your home or office.  There are three primary components of an air handler: the fan, evaporator coil and filter. These components work together to keep your home comfortable.

The efficiency of an air handler is largely dependent on the type of fan blower used.  There are three types of fan blowers used: single speed, dual speed and variable speed.

What components contribute to the efficiency of an air handler?

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What are fan stages?

There are three different fan technologies used in an air handler.  Single-Stage, Two-Stage, and Variable Speed.  The more stages the more heating and cooling capacities your system can perform. 

A Single-Stage may be compared to a light switch that is either on or off. Two-Stage is like having a high and a low.  And Variable-Speed is like a light with a dimmer switch.  Providing just the right amount of light needed.

What are the pros and cons of each type of fan blower?  

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Are more stages better?

Although there are pros and cons to each fan type.  Generally speaking, the more stages the more your system can improve comfort, indoor air quality, humidity levels and efficiency.  For example, a variable-speed fan can ramp up and down according to need providing just the right amount of air flow.  This creates a more even temperature range in your home or office, all the while operating at peak efficiencies.  The more stages the more comfortable and healthier your home or office will be.

How can a variable speed furnace improve indoor air quality?

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Variable-Speed model

Air Handlers

Hyperion TAMX


Communicating:  Yes

Variable Speed Blower:  Yes



Communicating: Yes

Variable Speed Blower:  Yes

Most Efficient

Hyperion Series


Variable Speed Blower:  Yes




Variable Speed Blower:  Yes


M-Series Communicating

Communicating: Yes

Variable Speed Blower:  Yes


Variable Speed Blower:  Yes