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 A Furnace Tune-Up Can Save You as Much as 30% on Your Energy Bill

10 Ways a Furnace Tune-Up Can Benefit You

  • Improve Efficiency and Lower Energy Bills
  • Reduce Breakdowns or Costly Repairs
  • Prolong System Life
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Detect Dangers Like Gas or Carbon Monoxide Leaks
  • Improve Performance and Comfort
  • Give You Peace of Mind
  • Reduce the Risk of Illness
  • Save Lots of Money
  • Maintain Your Warranty

Do you want to keep your furnace running efficiently and safe all winter long?

Our technicians are experts at fine tuning HVAC equipment to optimize performance and increase longevity.  Here at Chavez Heating & Air we value our customers, and we know that a true system maintenance involves more than just cleaning and making things look pretty.  The safety or our customers is foremost on our mind.  While most contractors perform a furnace Tune-Up in under 30 minutes, our technicians typically take an hour or more. With more than 200 local residents on our maintenance program, we always have room for more.  

So, what exactly will our technician do when performing a furnace Tune-Up?  Well, it likely is a lot more than you think.  And although it includes removing dust, dirt and grime from your system that is not the half of it.  Check out the list below and learn what more we will do to keep your home comfortable and safe all winter long and all the while saving you money.


How does a furnace maintenance keep you and your family safe?

A furnace that is not properly maintained does not just waste hundreds of dollars each year but can also be very dangerous.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) states, “Every winter when the temperature drops, your furnace can become a silent killer.  Gas- and oil-burning furnace produce Carbon Monoxide (CO).  CO is an invisible and odorless, poison gas that kills hundreds each year and makes thousands more sick.”  The CDC recommends having your furnace inspected every year.  We agree!  Sadly, some have ignored this warning and have paid dearly for it.  

Carbon Monoxide is not the only safety concern.  Electrical fires, gas fires, electrocution and other dangers lurk as well.  At Chavez Heating & Air we take these dangers seriously and do our best to protect the health and safety of our customers and their pets!

Other things our expert technician will do

  • Lubricate all Moving Parts
  • Check Voltage and Electrical Current
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger for Dangerous Carbon Monoxide Leaks
  • Inspect Exhaust for Debri
  • Verify and Test Gas Pressure
  • Check Connections to Gas or Oil Lines
  • Inspect Condensate Drains and Clear if Needed
  • Change Air Filter (If Provided), Clean if Reusable
  • Check and Adjust Fan Belt Tension
  • Tighten and Fasten All Connections
  • Inspect for Gas Leaks 
  • Inspect and Clean Burners
  • Test Ignition System
  • Test and Calibrate Thermostat
  • Clean Interior and Exterior of Furnace
  • Communicate Report to Customer

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