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If you are thinking about replacing your heating and cooling system or even adding a central heating and air conditioning system for the first time.  You may feel a bit overwhelmed.  Afterall for most people it is not something that we buy more than once or twice in a lifetime.  And with technology constantly changing, with more and more features and options available it may be difficult to understand what the right solution is for your home or office.  At Chavez Heating & Air we are professionals, and our comfort consultants will help make the process as simple as possible.  Here is what you can expect when you call in the experts.

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1. Home Assessment

The first thing our Comfort Consultant is going to do is assess your home.  This entails evaluating your existing equipment, taking measurements, surveying the duct system (if applicable), identifying heat or cooling loads and identifying local code violations.

No one knows your home better than you do.  So, your communication with our Comfort Consultant is vital in helping him or her to understand the inner workings of your home.  

What about your past system would you change?  Were there any hot or cold spots?  Does anyone in the home suffer from allergies or asthma?  Have you noticed an unusual amount of dust or odors?  What is your desired home temperature, each season?  Answers to these and other important questions will help our Comfort Consultant make the right recommendations not based on price but on a detailed analysis of your needs.

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2. Consultation

The next step in helping you to make an informed decision, is to share with you the various technologies and options available to you.  There have been many changes to the industry over the years and today’s heating and cooling systems are capable of so much more.  Advances have been made in the areas of Indoor Air Quality, Humidity Control, Precise Comfort and Energy Efficiency.  Our Comfort Consultant will describe in simple terms the equipment options available.

The most expensive system is not always the right solution.  Our Comfort Consultants are not trying to sell equipment based on what is going to generate the most revenue but rather offer the best solution for your specific needs and budget.  We do not believe in high pressure tactics!  We want you to be happy with your purchase and be a part of our family of customers for many years to come.  


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3. Upfront Pricing

In most cases our Comfort Consultant will be able to provide you with pricing for your project right there at the kitchen table.  We are confident that our recommendations and home comfort solution will meet your needs and provide 100% satisfaction.  In fact, we guarantee it!  And each of the systems we install comes with a 10-year parts and labor warranty.  Each complete system installation also includes a 1-year Club Membership which entitles you to two tune-ups over the course of the first year.

We also offer the following special discounts…

Sr. Citizens (65+ Over), Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement and Retired Military and Veterans



4. The Installation

There’s an art to what we do, and we take pride in how we do it.  At Chavez Heating & Air our highly trained technicians work hard to provide the best in quality installations.  To us this means more than simply installing the best in state-of-the-art, high efficiency products.  Proper design, best practices in installation procedures and familiarity with local codes is essential to providing an HVAC installation that will stand the test of time and deliver the high standards in performance that is expected of every Chavez Heating & Air installation.  

At Chavez Heating & Air we fully understand the link between comfort, humidity levels, utility bills, and indoor air quality.  Our goal is to convey this knowledge to our customers so that each installation achieves the desired results.

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